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Chapter 3

As the boys exited their tour bus, the boys were greeted by the smiling face of their choreographer, Fatima who led them into the practice room so they could try out some new choreography.

After 2 hours of practicing the new choreography, the boys divided into 2 groups: Kevin, Brian, and A.J. in one and Nick and Howie in the other. As Brian practiced the dance moves with the others in his group, he kept looking at the clock hoping that lunch time would soon come. The reason being so he could relax because he started feeling nauseous and light headed.

It seemed to him as if the clock was taking its sweet time counting the seconds to lunch time down, it seemed to take forever. As Brian again lifted his head to take a look at the clock, he caught the eye of his cousin who mouthed the words Are you ok? Do you want to rest? to him.

Brian then mouthed back No Im fine. Lets just get this practice over with. and again started dancing to the music. As Kevin watched his cousin he hoped that he was alright. He had a feeling that Brian was holding something back from him and he wanted to know what it was but he decided to keep dancing and approach Brian about this when they had their lunch break.

Chapter 4