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Amanda's Stories

This page contains links to Amanda's stories. These stories are very well written. Enjoy :-)

The Perfect Fan

This is a short story about what would've happened if the unthinkable happened during Brian's surgery. It shows how far a mother and son's love can go, and where it will stretch to the unreachable lengths. Completed

There Will Never Be Another You

Brian and Nick are best-friends...after Brian's heart surgery everyone thought that things would go back to normal. But when Nick is diagnosed with Lukemia and Brian finds out all isn't well. What will happen when they can't have each other to lean on, and discover when it comes to friends, there will never be another you. Completed


The guys figured they were on their way to a concert, like normal. Then the inevitable happens, the bus wrecks. Find out what happens when three friends have to deal with guilt, blame, forgiveness, and regret. Completed

Not Enough

This story teaches a valuable lesson. Don't judge people by the way they look on the outside. Completed

I Love You Enough To Let You Go

This is a great story written about Kevin. To find out what happens in the story, click on the link and read this wonderful story :-)

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