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Chapter 8

A few hours later I awoke layered in perspiration. My temperature had risen, and I was really feeling the side effects. I coughed violently shaking the entire bed. Which caused my stomach to go into acute pain. Brian's eyes fluttered. "Nick?" he said trying to find his voice. "What's wrong?"

"Brian, I think I'm sick."

He reached over for the light, but quietly complained as he realized the electric was still out. He quickly lit the kerosene lamp beside the night stand. It was then that I heard him gasp. "Nick! Oh no." He rested his hand on my forehead. "You're burning up! Just lye still. I'm gonna' go get Kev."

"Kev! Kev!" Brian hollered as he entered the living room.

"Hmmm..." Kevin mumbled waking up.

"You've gotta' get up! Nick's really sick."

"Okay, I'm coming," his older cousin quickly stated. Following his relative he made his way to the bedroom with AJ and Howie behind him.

They all hurried in. Kevin immediately took charge. "Brian, can you gather up all the blankets from the living room? AJ, go get a glass of water and a couple of cold washcloths, okay?" He then pressed his hand to my heated forehead just as Brian had done. "Howie, go get some Tynelol and look for a thermometer."

They all nodded and rushed off to complete their assignments. Kevin pulled the blankets away. "Why don't you get out of that damp shirt?"

I nodded and attempted to remove my shirt unsuccessfully. My bandmate came to my aid. Lifting my arms through the sleeves and pulling the shirt over my head. He threw my blouse to the side and removed all of the soaked blankets.

Brian was the first to return laying the covers at the end of the bed. AJ and Howie then entered.

"I'm not that sick, guys. You can all go back to bed. I'm fine," I croaked.

"Yes, you are," Brian disagreed.

Kevin slid a thermometer under my tongue. "Just try to relax."

Howie spoke up. "You need to calm down, or you'll only make yourself worse."

I hostile leaned back against the pillows in defeat. Finally, Kevin removed the annoying object. "103."

"I don't feel good," I mumbled feeling dizzy.

"I know," Kevin sympathized, "If I had a fever like that I wouldn't either."

Howie poured some Tynelol into my hand as AJ handed me a glass of water helping me sit up. It was then I realized how sick I was. I was shaking so terribly I couldn't hold the glass steady. I laid the pills in my mouth as Howie took the glass from me placing it to my lips.

Kevin then wiped my forehead and face with a cool rag, as Brian used the other to wipe the sweat away from my chest and back. After they had finished bathing me in the cool water several blankets were placed on top of me.

"I'm so hot," I complained.

"I know," Kevin replied, "but it's to make you better. You know that, Nick."

Okay, I didn't know that, but I didn't want to admit it.

Brian cleared his throat. "I think we should take him to the ER."

"I think we should just let him rest. Let the fever run it's course." Kevin explained. "It could be more than a fever!"

"Brian, I'm older than you. I've seen more cases. Remember? My dad owned a camp. A lot of kids use to get fevers. I know what I'm doing."

"Well, not very person is the same!" Brian shouted.

"I know that, now stop screaming!"

Now along with feeling: overheated, uncomfortable and sick.....I also felt guilty. Because of me two of my bandmates were feuding.

Chapter 9