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Chapter 6

I woke up two hours later to hear the loud clasp of thunder. Obviously, the storm hadn't ended. I turned on my side, quickly regretting it. I felt a wave of nausea once more. My stomach was terribly uneasy. I had thought I was getting a bad case of the flu, know I had to rethink that decision realizing I probably caught the stomach flu. Solemnly, I decided to go back into the living room.

Once I reached my destination I realized the electric had gone out. And, of course, not only did this place have a waterbed, it had electric heat. I couldn't help but laugh as I saw the guys gathered around a few candles, shivering under blankets.

"Decide to join us, N-Nick?" AJ asked through chattering teeth.

I set beside Brian and held my head in my hands. My migraine had yet to go away. Migraine? That explained the severe churning and cramping in my stomach. I felt Brian slide closer to me sharing his blanket. I put on a fake grin. I couldn't understand it- if the heat had gone out, and the guys were so cold.........Why was I burning up? I was the sick one after all. Sick! I swear I'm even more blonde when I'm sick- obviously I was running a fever. Despite my body heat, I accepted the blanket. If I didn't everyone would over-re-act.

I glanced at Brian, who couldn't seem to stop shivering. Feeling so overheated might have been a burden to me, but at least it would help my best friend.

Chapter 7