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Chapter 5

"Kevin," I moaned as I stepped into the kitchen.

"What?" he asked not looking up from his cards.

"Do you have any Advil or something?"

"No, sorry, buddy." He finally looked up. "Are you sick?"

"I really need some pills," I urged. My head was about to explode.

"Couldn't he check in the bathroom?" Howie wondered.

Kevin nodded. "I guess. You can check the bathroom, but don't make a mess."

"Okay," I agreed. Slowly, I made my way to the tiny restroom. I opened the cabinet. I searched every layer. The owner had to at least own a bottle of Advil. I smiled as I finally found something. Not Advil, but Tynelol- just as good. I swallowed three pills, and returned to my place on the sofa.

"You okay?" Rok asked.

"Yeah, I'm just getting a migraine," I replied.

"If you're getting a migraine, you don't need to be watching tv," he commented.

I shrugged. There wasn't much else to. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled once more. I clutched my head feeling the pain would never end.

Brian patted my shoulder. "It'll be okay, buddy." He cleared his throat. "Hey, Kev!" he shouted. "Nick's got a migraine! Think your friend would mind if he laid down?"

Kevin put his gaze towards me. "Are you really that sick?"

"Yes," Brian answered for me.

"Fine," Kevin agreed, "but don't make a mess." Where had I heard that before? "The bedroom's beside the bathroom," he said roughly.

I smiled as I saw a big bed. Without thinking I threw myself against the covers. "Oh!" I groaned holding my stomach. Suddenly, I felt seasick. Figures, he had to own a waterbed.

Chapter 6