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Chapter 4

All of us sat in the van uncomfortably as Kevin drove on. "This is ridiculous," I said aloud.

"No, it's not," Kevin debated. "Once you see this spot, you'll see it was worth it."

AJ crossed his arms. "As much as I hate to say it, I agree with Nick. Look at the weather. It's gonna' storm."

Kevin sighed. "Okay. My friend has a cabin nearby. We'll wait there for the weather to clear."

I wallowed in my own self-pity. First, we had to cram into a tiny van. And now we had to go wait out a storm in some dirty, nasty cabin.

Once we reached the cabin I was relieved to see that is was a steady, clean building. Kevin slid in the key he found underneath the doormat, and we made our way inside.

The inside was well-decorated and very warm. If I hadn't have such a bad migraine, I'd almost call it cozy.

Brian spoke up. "Let's watch tv."

"Fine," Kevin sighed.

"Wanna' play cards, Nick? I don't wanna' watch tv," Howie asked me.

"No thanks." My head hurt too much to concentrate.

"I'll play," Kevin offered.

Kevin and Howie settled at the kitchen table, and I joined Brian and AJ in front of the tv.

I massaged my temples as I heard the first clasp of thunder. I hoped the storm would pass quickly. All I wanted to do was find some Advil and sleep forever.

Chapter 5