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Chapter 3

"Nick, come on! It's been two hours and we're still on the same song," Kevin complained.

"Relax, Kev. I think he's sick," Brian said in my defense.

I rolled my eyes involuntarily. "I'm not sick."

"Maybe Brian's right, Nick. Maybe you should go lye down," Howie added gently.

"I'm okay," I growled, "it's just a hard song."

AJ sat up. "Hard song? Nick, all you have to sing is the chorus!"

"So, the chorus is hard," I whined.

"The chorus is: bop, bop, bop!" AJ yelled.

"Enough!" Kevin shouted. He turned off the equipment. "I think our schedules are getting to us. Let's get in my van and just go for a drive. I know a nice spot by the river where we can all calm down."

'Great'I thought to myself 'male bonding.' Maybe I should've stuck with Howie's advice and laid down.

Chapter 4