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Chapter 17

"Mmmm..." I softly moaned trying to find the strength to open my heavy eyes. My body felt stiff and cold as I began to realize my surroundings and current state of health.

"Nick? Nick, you wakin' up, buddy?" I heard Brian softly call at my side.

I force my eyes open. "Hmm..Mmm.." was the best response I could master.

"Hey, how 'ya feelin'?"

"Sick-I guess. I'm in a hospital, right? That means I'm sick."

He raised an eyebrow looking at me with concern. "Yeah, that means you're sick."

"He's a little spacey from the medication during surgery, Mr.Littrell," a small nurse explained as she checked my pulse.

Spacey? So, that's what this flying-feeling is? I fought to remember what had happened. "Bri? Why?"

"Why what?"

"What happened again?" I mumbled.

"You remember feeling really sick at the cabin?"

I nodded.

"You were sick because of your appendix. When you took a turn for the worst we rushed you here for help."

"Am I gonna' be okay?"

He patted my hand. "Everything looks good."

I licked my dry lips. "Where are the guys? And my mommy?" Mommy? Did I just say 'mommy'? These are some magical drugs.

"The guys are in the waiting room. Only one of us could stay with you. And your parents are coming."

"Wh-what about Aaron and the others?"

"BJ and your grandma have that covered. Just relax, buddy."

"Oh, okay, Rok." I yawned. "Why were you and Kev fighting so much?"

He paused. "Well, Nick, we just had a difference of opinion that brought up a lot of bad memories."

"Oh," I yawned again.

Brian adjusted my bedsheets. "You just go back to sleep, kiddo."

I sprang my eyelids open. "Huh? Nah. I'm not tired....." I gave a deep sigh "tire-"

Brian shook his head chuckling. "Goodnight, Frack."