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Chapter 12

A few minutes passed by which seemed more like hours. I felt sicker than ever. I realized how much my nausea had increased. I began to pull myself up, only to be gently eased down by Howie. "You need to rest, Nick."

I faced the door. "No, Howie, I'm fine. I just have to go pay nature's bill. That's all."

"I'll help you," Brian offered.

I shook my head. "No, I'm okay." I hurried to restroom. I was wrong- I am not okay.

I threw myself into the restroom; where I promptly emptied the contents of my stomach. Dizziness soon found me. I made my way back to the room, using the wall as my brace. Each step becoming more painful. Abruptly, I stopped. My legs felt like jello at this point. I hit my hand against the wall loudly. I repeated the motion. It was time to admit how ill I had become.

I saw all four members of my group running toward me. "Nick!" Brian shouted.

His voice seemed mumbled to my ears. My head felt very heavy and my vision had become blurry. Then my legs gave out from below me. I felt Kevin clutch my loose form and lift me off the ground.


"What, Nick?"

"You don't have to pack me."

"Quiet, Nick."

He returned me to the bed. Howie immediately placed a thermometer in my mouth as Brian pressed his hand to my forehead. "Kev, please listen to me. His fever's only getting worse. We gotta' get him to a doctor."

"I agree, Brian."

"No, I---"

"Nick, Howie's trying to take your temperature. Keep your mouth shut," AJ demanded.



"Sorry, AJ."

Brian sat down. "Maybe we could see about getting a doctor here."

"No, you were right," Kevin responded. "He needs to go to a hospital."

Howie removed the object. "Guys, he's up to 103.6!"

"What?" they all shouted in unison.

"Guys," I groaned. "My stomach hurts SO bad."

Brian patted my shoulder. "That's why we're taking you to the ER."

Chapter 13