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Chapter 11

Another hour passed and I only felt worse. Although, it wasn't my physical condition that worsened. But I must admit the pain in my abdomen was too intense to forget. Here I was lying lifeless in bed while Kevin, AJ and Brian gave each other the silent treatment. I couldn't help but think to myself........They call me childish?

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt Howie place his hand to my forehead. He sighed. "Your fever isn't any lower. I'm gonna' go get you some more water." He glanced at the other three. "Do me a favor?" he asked rolling his eyes. "Keep an eye on the children." Reluctantly, he left the quiet room.

I turned on my side, slowly, realizing my migraine had returned. Dizziness found me once more. "Brian..."I moaned.

"What buddy?"

"Make the room stop spinning," I begged.



Gently, he began lifting me into a sitting position. "That's it! We need to go to the hospital."

"No," I argued. "No hospitals. Just help me here."

AJ joined the conversation. "He's right, Nick. You're only getting worse."

Howie returned. "What's going on?"

"Nick's really dizzy," Brian answered.

"My migraine's coming back," I explained as Howie laid a cool rag to my brow.

He frowned. "Is it any wonder with all of this confusion going on?"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Kevin snapped.

Howie sat beside me. "You're acting like a bunch of children!"

"We are not!" AJ argued.

I looked up at them. "Why are you bringing up past events?"

My bandmates remained silent. There wasn't even a logical reason for their foolishness. I felt my temperature beginning to rise. Certain events started re-playing in my mind. Memories that I had locked away.

Chapter 12