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Chapter 10

"See, Kevin, why should we take your advice? You never believe him anyway."

"Yes, I do, Brian. That was a long time ago, and Nick and I get along much better now."

I laid there silently. I wasn't sure they even cared that I was sick anymore. I think their main intention was using my illness as an excuse to bring up memories that still annoy them to this day. Or perhaps Brian just felt like starting a family feud. Slowly, I shut my eyes. If they were going to bring up my every occurrence of illness, they would be talking all night.

I heard Brian still arguing. "I still think he should go to the hospital. What if it is serious?"

Kevin sat down. "Let's wait a few hours."

"Brian, I'm sure I'll be fine," I said softly.

"Tell that to your ghost-like appearance," he hissed.

"I don't understand this," Kevin stated. "Bri, why are you bringing up all this crap?"

"Simple. Nick and I have been best friends since Day One. You use to always gripe about his actions."

"That may be, but it was rough being around a kid who was either hyper or sick all the time."

Howie spoke gently. "Well, like you said, Kev, he was just a kid. His immune system wasn't highly developed."

AJ scratched his head. "Kev, if I remember correctly, you've had more ailments than all of us. Then Nick always caught it from YOU!"

My oldest friend shook his head. "Me? Brian and Nick were always so chummy, how could he have caught anything from ME! Brian's quite sickly himself!"

"Why are you blaming me?" Rok snapped.

Howie placed a cool rag to my brow. "Why are they even fighting?"

Brian and AJ both rolled their eyes. Now, this did remind me of old times. Brian and AJ ganging up against Kevin, while Howie remained neutral at my side- the innocent party.

Chapter 11