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Chapter 1

Cold sweat rolled over every inch of my body as I opened my eyes. I turned my head and realized I was in Kevin's home. I fought to remember the reason we came. I sighed as I recalled we were filming and recording for the new album. I saw that the clock read '3:30.' Getting up did not sound appealing, nor did lying in a bed covered in my perspiration.

Unwillingly, I pulled myself out of bed. I removed my shirt and sweats. It may have been January and despite my cold sweat, I was quite hot.

Brian stirred. "Nick, are you okay?"

"Yeah, Rok, I'm fine."

"Good Lord, Nick. You're sweating like a pig!"

"I'm okay, Rok, really. Just go back to sleep."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm just gonna' go watch tv."

"Okay," Brian shrugged already falling back asleep.

I quietly settled in the living room of Kevin's house. I flipped through the channel after channel unsuccessfully. Finally, I settled on an old Ninja Turtles cartoon. I sighed as I looked around the home. I dreaded the recording I'd be doing within the next six hours. I had to get some sleep, but I just couldn't.

Chapter 2