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Respect the BSB wives/girlfriends

MAJOR NEWS! Show some respect for BSBs' girlfriends & wives by Anonymous

I don't know who wrote this -- it was sent to me on a list. I also have no idea how accurate some of the information is, but whether or not it is, is insignificant. What's important are the points she does make about the treatment of girlfriends/wives, the death threats, etc. If anyone reading this is guilty of the such, I hope this opens your eyes.

Let me tell you a story. Leighanne is the best thing that EVER happened to Brian. Leighanne loves brian. When he asked her to marry him, he did not ask her if she loved him. He knew. Leighanne grew up with money. She doesn't need Brian's money. Think about why YOU actually like them. Leighanne does NOT want Brian's money. Go ahead and ask anyone. Also, just so you know, the BIG day for Brian and Leighanne, is VERY soon. He's never EVER gonna love you like he does that girl. She means the world to him and if you cause her to leave him out of her upset because of his fans, he's gonna drop BSB like nothing. I know this -- he already offered to do it. It happened in front of about 20 people on the last night at the Millennium tour party. He was bawling his eyes out because she wanted to cancel EVERYTHING. She had her ring all ready to give back and she didn't want anything to do with this anymore. She was upset because she was/is getting death threats and all this other stuff. You're really smart people. You are gonna be the cause of Brian leaving and ruin it for the fans who like BSB because of their MUSIC! I hope you feel real good about yourselves. You are the cause of your little B-Rok crying. How do you feel about that?

As for Brian, well, you can guarantee that he won't say it to your face, but right now he's so mad at his fans that he could scream. First of all, they all are. What you are doing to Leigh and Kristen isn't fair, those two girls that cost Howie's organization to lose $31,000, someone kidnapped the dogs. That's not fair. It's not fair to these guys that you hate them because they fall in love. Everyone does. You people have no heart. I feel bad for Brian, I really do. Because he doesn't deserve to this. He devoted his life to making you happy. Isn't that enough for you? Isn't it enough that he rarely gets to see his family and friends because he is at photo shoots, recording studios, or on tour? And for who? You. What do you give him in return?? You kick him in the butt by insulting his intelligence, saying he can't tell that Leigh wants him for his money. If he thought that, he wouldn't love her, would he? Why can't he have something that makes him happy for once?? You'd think you'd be happy for him. He's happy. For once, after Samantha crushed his heart, he's finally found someone that loves him for him. You can't do that. I know you think you can, but you can't. I can't do that, and I know Leighanne. You'd be surprised though at the fact that Brian doesn't have as much $$ as you think he does. He's not a millionare. He has to pay for his concerts, he has to pay to have his CDs recorded and made. He has to pay JIVE records, lawyers, managers, agents, etc. The money that is left over is split up amongst five people, plus their crew, dancers, band, and security. Do you get my point?

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