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Buzz... Buzz... by Chrissy

Written specially for bum boy

AJ sat in his seat on the bus watching Nick swat at a yellow jacket that had made his way onto the bus. AJ laughed when the insect landed on the tip of Nick's nose. Nick jumped and startled the bee and it flew off landing on a window. AJ thought about how interesting it would be to be the yellow jacket and fly around anywhere he wanted and annoying anyone he wanted.

Nick went back to typing on his laptop, satisfied that the bee was out of his way for now. Although he kept looking up to make sure the bee was still a good distance away from him. AJ reclined back in his seat and watching the yellow jacket walk across the window, soon he started drifting to sleep.

AJ woke when the bus hit a sudden bump in the road. He looked out the window and watched the cars as they passed by. Everything seemed blurry, it looked as if he was seeing everything a million times. Suddenly he realized he wasn't looking out the window, he was on the window!

"What the hell?!" AJ screamed noticing that his voice was small and sounded like more of a humming noise. He looked around him and noticed how enormous everything was compared to his small size. It was hard for him to make out what everything was since he was seeing it so many times through his insect eyes.

"Oh my God! I'm the yellow jacket!" AJ stated finally realizing, "That means I can fly, cool!" He wasn't sure how to fly but he decided to just try it, he let himself fall from the window and then started using his wings. He soon got the hang of it, and was flying around with ease. Although he was bumping into everything. He noticed what he thought was Nick still sitting at his laptop typing away, he flew over and decided he would irritate his bandmate.

"Stupid bee!" Nick yelled while swinging his hand in the air at AJ. AJ flew around Nick's head in circles until he tired of that and went to find someone else to bother. He flew around the bus landing every so often to rest. AJ was sitting on the seat of one of the buses chairs when he noticed a figure moving towards the seat. He realized it was Kevin, before he knew what was happening he saw hundreds of Kevin's butt over him ready to sit on him. AJ flew from the seat barely escaping death.

"Shit! That was close, I gotta get out of this bee's body before I get hurt." AJ said to himself. He landed on a counter in the kitchen area of the bus. He didn't notice Brian walk in. As AJ sat pondering a way to get out of the situation Brian had noticed him on the counter. Brian grabbed a newspaper and looked down at the small yellow jacket "Hey Nick! Come here, I found that bee that's been bugging you all day, but I don't have the heart to kill it." Nick ran into the room and took the newspaper from Brian.

"Don't worry, I'll kill it!" Nick said as he held the paper above the bug. At that moment AJ looked up and saw the paper heading straight for him, he was too stunned to move.

"Shit!" AJ said before the paper hit him.

"There ya go Brian." Nick said handing the paper back to Brian and looking at the squished insect that lay on the counter.

"Oh thanks Nick, like I wanted the paper back." Brian said as Nick grinned at him.

AJ opened his eyes and jumped up from his seat on the bus, "It was just a dream." He said outloud not meaning for anyone but himself to hear it.

"What was just a dream AJ?" Nick asked looking up from his laptop. AJ proceeded to tell Nick about the dream he had just had.

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