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Chapter 4

"But Mommy!"

"Aaron, that's enough. I don't want to hear another word!"


"Aaron! You're Daddy and I are going out to dinner with our friends tonight and tomorrow night and that's final."

"Mommy, tomorrow night is Halloween!" He turned to me pointing. "I have to spend Halloween with him?"

Mrs.Carter handed me a breakfast plate. "What is so wrong with Kevin?"

"He knows nothing about Halloween costumes."

The woman continued to flip the bacon as it sizzled with heat. "Oh, honey, I'm sure he'll come up with something wonderful."

He faced me pouting. "Any ideas?"

"Well, Aaron, you could um... put a sheet over your body and be a ghost."



"That's so first grade!"

"Aren't YOU in first grade?"

"Duh! I'm nine- I'm in third grade!"

"My mistake."

"Mommy!" Angel exclaimed as she into the room. "Could I stay home today and spend time with you and Nick?!"

"Sweetie, you know school is important."

"Yeah, but I never get to see you or my brother!"



The older woman sighed. "All right, but only for half a day! I'll pick you and Aaron up at lunch."

"Awesome!" Aaron beamed.

"Leslie!" Angel shouted as her sister entered the small kitchen.

"What, Angel?"

"We only have to go to school half day today!"

"Great! What's the reason?"

"To spend time with Mommy and Nick."

Leslie turned to her mother. "Doesn't Nick have something to do with the group after lunch?"

"Oh, I completely forgot!"

I cleared my throat. "We have a show at the Hard Rock at two o'clock."

Leslie pulled herself into my lap. "That's great! Then, I'll get to see Brian!"

I painted a smile on my face. "Oh, boy."

"You're an asshole!" BJ screamed from her upstairs bedroom.

"You're a bitch!" Nick hollered in his defense.

"CHILDREN! STOP THE DAMN SWEARING!" Mrs.Carter shouted in exasperation.

Nick stormed in packing his rubber duckie. "Mom! BJ, took my turn in the shower!"

"BJ has to be at school in a half hour you don't...give her a break."

"But I'm a Backstreet Boy!"

"I don't give a damn if you are a Backstreet Boy. You are Nick Carter and will be that before and after the group, got it?"

Nick frowned accepting his plate of dead pig. "Got it."

Angel grinned. "Kevin, are you going to be here all week?"

I shallowed hard gazing at the somewhat insane clan. "Yes, Angel, all week."

I was already prepared to head back to Europe. This was going to be a very long week....

Chapter 5