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Chapter 3

I sat stabbing my dinner as the evening conversation continued. BJ absolutely bubbled with excitement. "Kevin, does AJ have a girlfriend?"

I sat down my fork. "Yes, BJ, you've met her. Marissa, remember?"

"Oh," she sighed losing every ounce of her happiness.

"Boys are gross!" Angel exclaimed wrinkling her nose.

Well, at least one Carter daughter doesn't enjoy the Backstreet Boys.

Leslie smiled. "Nick, does Brian have a girlfriend?"

Nick looked up from his fried chicken. "Yep. Her's name Samantha."

Leslie stared at the floor fighting tears. Who could care that much about my cousin? He's a mama's boy! I cleared my throat. "Um....Leslie?" "Yes?" she whispered.

"You know what?"


"Brian might be dating Samantha, but she doesn't have those gorgeous baby blue eyes like you."

"My eyes are pretty?"

I nodded. "Very pretty."

Aaron stretched out looking toward me. "So, you took the easy way out and ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken, huh, Kevin?"

"I'm a Kentuckian and I missed my fried chicken."

Angel raised an eyebrow. "You missed a chicken?"

I took a large gulp of water. "Nevermind."

"Is Kristin going to visit you while your on vacation?" BJ asked taking a helping of cole slaw.

"Yes," I answered with a smile.

Nick and Aaron immediately began smiling. "Kristin, you mean 'the Kristin? The professionally-trained dancer?" Nick babbled.

"Yes, Nick! For Pete's Sake get a hold of your hormones!"

"Kristin's hot!" Aaron snickered.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, she is."

"All guys are the same!" BJ hissed. "You all just like tall blondes!"

"What's your problem? You're tall and blonde!" Nick reminded her as he continued to stuff his face.

Angel shifted excitedly from side-to-side. "Where are Mommy and Daddy?"

"Your parents went out to eat," I explained.

"Why didn't Mommy want to spend time with me?" Aaron asked.

"Mommy does spend time with you! She takes time for your singing and stuff!" his twin debated.

"That's enough!" Nick hollered.

Ah, Nick taking control. I like this feeling, even though it frightens me.

"Are we going to learn more about Princess Pamela Lee?" the nine-year-old boy pondered.

I shrugged. "Sure."

"Princess Pamela Lee? How about Princess Kristin?" Nick suggested.

"Nick, shut up. Why is it you always dream of MY girlfriend?"

"Simple, she's a hottie with a body. Not to mention she's sweet as can be. Samantha Stonebraker may be Brian's age, but she looks younger than BJ."

Leslie sat up. "Does Brian like younger women?"

Nick smiled. "Yeah, women NOT little girls."

"Just my luck!" the ten-year-old pouted.

BJ stood. "I'm going upstairs."

"It's seven. Are you going to bed?" I wondered.

Angel giggled. "No, silly! She's going to go write in her diary about how much she loves AJ McLeana!"

"That's McLean, honey," I sighed.

Nick scratched his head. "BJ, I thought you were smart."

"I am."

"Then, why in the hell do you like AJ?"

BJ stood up chasing Nick out of the kitchen. "Nick, get back here you asshole!"

"Damn, they sure do cuss a lot," Aaron stated.

"Watch your language," I ordered.

"But, Kev, you---"

"Shut the hell up."

Chapter 4