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Chapter 2

"Kevin, stop pouting it's not very attractive," Kristin lectured as we made our way through the airport.

"I am not pouting! I'm-I"m"

"POUTING!" she interjected.

"All right, fine I'm pouting."

"MOMMY!" I heard a young voice shout. I lifted my head to see Aaron running into his mother's arms.

"NICK!" Angel squealed jumping onto his back.

"AJ!" BJ beamed.

"Brian!" Leslie sighed her eyes lost in lust.

I turned to my girlfriend. "What the hell is going on here? What happened to those two bombarding their brother and mother with hugs?"

"Puberty, baby."


"BJ is fourteen, obviously, she has a thing for AJ- he's only eighteen there's nothing wrong with that."

"Of course there is something wrong with that. AJ is a horndog! And Leslie is only ten now, how could possibly have a crush?"

Kristin rolled her eyes. "Kevin, there are girls younger than Leslie in Europe that have crushes on you." She followed Howie.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"Howie said he'd hook me up with a ride to my friend's house. I'm staying with some of the girls I worked with at Disney World."

"What about me? I can't handle the Carter Clan on my own!"

She kissed me gently. "Certainly, you can. You have before."

"Yeah, but now there are more female things involved."

"Oh, Kevin," she chuckled hugging me tightly, "everything'll be fine."

Aaron stood infront of me his hands firmly planted on his hips. I lowered my eyes. "Hello, Aaron."


I bit my tongue. Little pitchers have big ears, hold your tongue, Kevin, hold your tongue.

Chapter 3