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Chapter 9

"Aaron hey buddy" Nick said feigning the enthusiasm to see his baby brother.

"Mommy said you wanted to say good-bye, Nick where are you

going?" Aaron asked with as much innocense in his voice as Nick had in his eyes.

"Aaron I'm dying." Nick said with tears in his eyes.

"Meaning never coming back.....Nick you can't die" Aaron stated.

"I'm sorry but it's something I can't exactly stop...I'm just hurrying the process along, making your pain and my suffering short." Nick said tears stinging his eyes once again.

"You can't die....who will be there when I get my first broken heart, who will be there to beat me at Nintendo....who will be there to protect me....Nick who will be my brother? See you can't die, not now not ever!" Aaron screamed running out of the room.

Nick watched his little brother run out of the room with tears streaming down his face, and not for the first time, but under the circumstances; he was the cause. So many times he wasn't able to make it to his shows, auditions, his birthday, or just to spend time with him. Because Nick assumed; there was always tomarrow. Now Nick didn't have more than fifteen minutes, and he only had himself to blame. But Nick knew that he had no choice in the matter, he had to do what he had to do.

The nurses came to get Nick and Nick then realized what he was doing and the fact that he wasn't coming back. He clung to his mother with all the strength he had left in him. "I'm sorry mommy, I'm so sorry" Nick cried as he hung onto his mother's arm. Nick hadn't called her mommy since he was small, and she loved it when he called her that, but now, it was different. He didn't call her that out of love, he called her that out of remorse and fear.

"It's okay honey, I will always love you, you are doing nothing wrong, I don't hold anything against you." she said trying to calm her son.

"Mom tell Aaron I'll still be there, he hated me mom he really does." Nick said as his mother looked at him surprised.

Then a little version of Nick appered in the room by the door. "Nick I don't hate you, I love you your my brother, I'm just upset, I never thought I would lose you. Mama told me what you were doing, and Nick I'm happy you are." Aaron said running to Nick.

Nick engulfed Aaron in a hug and they cried for a good five minutes. Aaron promised to take care of mom and watch BJ's boyfriends. He also told him to sing a song for him, and then Nick pointed to the dresser.

"Don't read it till I'm gone, I wrote it for you." Nick yelled going down the hall the last time.

The last words he heard was from the doctor, thanking him for his sacrifice; then he was gone.

Chapter 10