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Chapter 8

They came and started to get Brian ready for surgery. He wasn't as shaky this time around. He just layed there and let the nurses have their way with him, because 'he was going to live', he thought to himself. He wouldn't have to break his vow, maybe for a few weeks at the most. Brian smiled all the way to the operating room. His mother just beemed as she watched her brave son be pulled away from her, to his biggest fear but right now, he was the bravest person in the world. She walked down to Nick's room to tell him that Brian had been taken to surgery. When she walked in Nick wasn't awake, so she just sat there and waited for his arisle.

"Huh? What' going on?" Nick said trying to sit up.

"They took Brian to surgery." she said smiling.

Nick just bowed his head and cried.

"Nick honey, what's wrong?" Jackie asked walking over to the bed.

"They will be here to get me soon, and I won't come back." Nick said crying.

"Why not?" she asked him while he shifted in the bed.

The nurses came in to get Nick ready, in Jackie's words, to wherever he was going. He asked her to bring in his mom, he wanted to say good-bye.

"Hey honey..." Jane said as she walked in his room.

"Hi're not mad are you?" he asked starting to cry again.

"No honey..I'm proud of takes guts to admit you're going to die...and even more to bring life in your absence." she said wiping the tears from his eyes. "Yes Nick I'll miss you, I'll not be able to get out of bed some days, but I will get through. You are doing a brave and courageous thing. I have never been as proud of you as I am right now." she said while he smiled.

"I love you mom, and I'm proud of you too" he said looking helplessly into his mother's eyes.

Jane couldn't hold it in much longer, and she knew the next good-bye wasn't going to be so easy; Aaron.

Chapter 9