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Chapter 7

Both Nick and Brian got too sick to visit eachother, but Brian would still get in the wheelchair on his good days to go see his best-friend. Even if Brian wasn't in the mood, he'd make himself be in the mood, he vowed to be there for Nick and that's what he was going to do. Nick layed in bed and cried most of the time, except when people were there to visit. Nick cried alone, not for pity for himself, but for others. He cried for Brian, that he was going to die before his time. He cried for Brian for the life he missed out on, the sports he couldn't play, the fear in him during his surgery. He cried for Kevin, for his father being gone, he cried for Howie's sister, cried for AJ, who was fatherless. He cried for his sisters and brothers, for Aaron, he was only 12, it wasn't time for him to get aquainted with death. He cried for Aaron's career he'd miss, cried for BJ, Angel, and Leslie. They wouldn't have their older brother for advice, for a shoulder to lean on, just because. He cried for his mother and father, they would have to give up their first son to the arms of God. He cried for his fans, they were without a mentor. He cried for Brian, because he would have to live without him.

"Brian sweetie!" Jackie yelled running in to his room. Brian rolled his head around to see his mother with tears in her eyes, and joy in her voice. "They found you a heart honey, they found you a heart!!!" She held Brian as they both cried.

Chapter 8