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Chapter 6

Nick layed in bed for the next three days, too sick to move. Brian was by his side the whole time, reading to him, singing to him, or just talking. Brian decided to keep his vow and not tell Nick the new news on his heart, because it would break Nick's. Brian was told that his heart wasn't withstanding the treatments very well, and may give out anytime. Brian's only chance for survival was a transplant. Brian knew how long people wait on those lists, weeks, months, years. He didn't have all that time, he was told he barly had a year.

"Jane I need to talk to you." Brian said with tears in his eyes. He had been getting real tired and knew he had to get back home and rest. "I went to the doctor the other day." He said not taking his eyes away from hers.

"What did he say, Brian what's wrong?" she said supporting him when he collapsed from the tears.

"I don't even have a year, Nick needs me, I need to go back home, but I don't wanna break the vow." Brian said.

Jane held him as her head spun from the emotion spilling out of him. "It's alright Nick will understand, you beat the odds once, you can do it again." Jane said smiling.

"No I won't, I did what I was soposed to do, and now I guess my time is up." Brian said walking out the door.

"I'll tell Nick, you go home." Jane said to Brian before he walked out the door. Brian nodded and shut the door behind him.

Nick never dreamed to hear the words coming from his mother, his best-friend, his only best-friend was going to die. He was the sick one, he was soposed to die right? Nick was angry, he knew he was going to die, but they promised Brian, THEY PROMISED GOSH DAMN IT!! That he would be alright. He wouldn't have to worry anymore, and now they give him a death sentence? Nick knew if there was a way he would make Brian's life easier, take the worry and the hurt away, in any way he can. He was going to be there for Brian, as he was there to defend him when Kevin was picking on him. He was there to help him when his heart was broken, and when he was sick, he was there making sure he got better. This time Nick's fate was in God's hands, but Brian's was in his.

Chapter 7