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Chapter 5

Brian walked into Nick's hotel room after talking to his mother. He watched Nick sleep, remembering when he found out that he was sick.


Brian looked from Nick to his mother over and over after the doctor told them the news. Nick had been diognosed with Lukemia, and Brian knew that Lukemia was the end and he didn't know how he was going to cope with losing his best-friend. "Mom, am I going to die now?"Nick asked looking at his mother.

"No honey, you'll never die this young." Jane said looking over at Brian for reassurance.

"No Nick of course not."Brian said leaving the room, he never liked Nick seeing him cry. Nick chased after Brian, not very long, but he chased after him just the same.

"Brian!" Nick yelled out of breath.

"Nick, you shouldn't be running, the doctors were soposed to come and take you. If you aren't there and the last thing the saw was you running after me, they are going to charge me with patient napping." Brian said catching Nick as he reached him.

"No Brian listen, I want you to promise me something." he said seriously.


"Promise me that you will be there, be there everytime I'm sick to cheer me up, when I die!" Nick said strongly.

Brian just stood there for a moment, he was just asked to help his best-friend die. He then and only then truly understood how Nick felt when he told him that he was having surgery. He grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eye.

"I told you we were best-friends till the end right."Brian said smiling.

Nick smiled back. "Well that means whatever you need I'll be there." Brian vowed.

Nick smiled again, "Thanks Rok" Nick said before running back to his room.

**********End flashback********

Brian silently cried to himself about the vow he made and hade to break. If he could do anything to take it back, or at least have him mad at him so he wouldn't have to think of him on his death bed.

Chapter 6