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Chapter 4

Kevin and the rest of the guys arrived at the hotel. Kevin layed Nick on his bed, he had fallen aseep, as he waited for Jane to arrive. Kevin was exhausted and fell asleep himself.

"They both are asleep."Brian whispered as he walked in the room. Jane went over to Nick and put her hand on his head, he had a fever. She started the treatment, that was the part that he hated, so she didn't wake him up. Brian sat on the bed, Jane had put Kevin in his own bed, and was watching TV when Nick woke up.

"Hey Frick, what are you doing here?" Nick said tired.

"To see you duh!" Brian said sarcastically.

"Brian can I ask you a question?" Nick asked coughing.

"Sure Frack, what do you want?"Brian asked leaning towards Nick. Ever since Nick got sick whenever he had an episode and had his oxygen tank then it makes him hard to hear. But when Brian was told by Kevin that he was complaining of chest pains also, Brian knew, he knew Nick wouldn't be here much longer.

"Will you sing at my funeral?"Nick asked almost out of breath.

Tears began to form in Brian's eyes, he was angry. Nick was only nineteen, he was twenty-four, Nick had his whole life ahead of him. Brian thought to himself,' My whole life I've wondered when I was going to die.' "Nick you aren't going to die, I promise, I'll do everything in my power, if anyone is going to be singing at anyone's funeral,you'll be singing at mine." Brian said looking away from Nick.

"Bri you ain't gonna die,not..."Nick said before he fell asleep. Brian pulled the blanket back over his friend's shoulders, and turned out the main light and left on the lamp, Nick was afraid of the dark.

"Jane, is Nick going to die?"Brian asked walking in her hotel room. Jane looked up from Nick's medical journel, she has to keep one so she can make sure he gets all his treatments on time.

"Why do you ask me this?" Jane said closing the book.

"Nick asked me to sing at his funeral a minute ago."Brian said sitting on the bed.

Jane walked over and sat on the bed beside Brian.

"There is always a chance, I guess I've just been telling myself that I wouldn't lose him." Jane said crying on Brian's shoulder.

Chapter 5