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Chapter 2

Nick looked at his watch,"Brian should be here by now." he thought to himself. He saw Brian's mom pull up and wondered why Brian wasn't with her. "Hey Jackie, where's Brian?"he said as innocent as the day he was born.

Jackie looked at her son's best-friend and wondered how to tell him, Brian couldn't be Brian anymore. She refrained from telling him at the moment, he had enough going on in his life. Nick was recently diognosed with Lukemia and they said it would be cured, Nick didn't seem to taken a back from it.

You only saw the effects of the disease in his mother's eyes and after his chemotherapy treatments. Nick started wearing hats 24/7 since he began treatment, his head was as bare as it was the day of his birth. That was the only visable part of his sickness, Nick hid the rest, and was good at it. "He's sick?"Nick asked now concerned.

"Look Nick I have something to tell you and I know you won't like it,but it's the truth."she said sitting him down. After explaining to him about his best-friend he stared off, as if nothing was said. She got up and left him there with his thoughts, so he could straighten them out. "Brian sick?, Sick enough not to ever really tour again?" Nick thought to himself. Nick walked through the door of his parents house, he was in another world, and didn't realize he was late for his treatment.

"Where have you been?" his mother scolded.

But Nick just kept walking, ignoring her threats for him to get his treatment over with. He ignored everyone, till he got to his room. He shut and locked the door and layed on his bed and cried, he didn't care if he missed his treatment, he didn't care if he died.

Chapter 3