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Chapter 10

Brian woke up from surgery and was greeted by all the guys (minus Nick) and his family.

"I'm I okay?" he asked as everyone laughed. But Brian couldn't shake this eerie feeling that all wasn't well.

"Can I see Nick, I wanna tell him I can be there for him now." Brian said smiling until he saw the looks on everyone's faces. They all looked at eachother, wondering who was going to tell Brian the news.

His mom walked over to him and grabbed his arm, "Brian you can't see Nick."

Brian looked at his mother confused, "Why not?"

She regained her strength and closed her eyes, she didn't want to tell him. "Honey Nick died while you were in surgery." she said looking for it to register in his eyes.

Brian shoved away from his mother's arm and pulled the covers over his head and cried. He had promised Nick he'd be there when he died, and he wasn't he wanted to die. He wanted to die for the promises he failed to keep.

"Brian honey he will always be with you, there in your heart." she said pulling the covers off his head.

"No he won't, I want my best-friend!" he cried.

"Brian he died for you, you will always have a peice of him with you, honey you have his heart. Brian he gave you his heart." she said almost collapsing from the grief she was throwing on her son. Brian layed there, stunned. He knew they were best-friends, but he never thought his promises of "I would die for you" were ever true.