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Chapter 1

Jackie stared into the room that once held her baby boy almost twenty-years ago. She felt the tears falling freely from her eyes when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw the same blue eyes looking at her with love and compassion, that at one time looked at her for help with tears. She looked at her son, now an adult himself, in his all but famalier gown, he was here for yet another appointment. He was called back into the back so they can once again reveal the scar that made her baby so uncomfortable in the first place. She walked down the same hallway that his father and her walked down when they were told their baby boy was going to die. Jackie being a devout Christian didn't believe that God wanted her baby then. But, over time, after about a week or so, she thought that maybe this is what God intended her son to do. When she told God her apprehentions, he answered her question, Why?, with the answer she wanted. Her son then got better over time, now looking at him realizing that he is truly okay. She sat in the room when the nurse walked out telling him that the doctor will be in in a moment. Jackie sat staring at her son as he looked at the wall, "Brian honey is something wrong?" she asked him. Brian sat there for a second before answering his mother's question.

"No....not really, I don't think, unless you think there is," Brian said looking at his confused mother's expression.

"Brian, most people don't ask the other person if something is wrong." Jackie said looking at her son's scared face. "Honey you've come to these appointments a millon times over, why do you look so scared now?"

Brian just looked at his mother, how do mom's know these things? Jackie walked over to her son and put her arm around him, ensuring him in the only way a mother can. She held him and told him that she promised everything was going to be okay. Then she let him go and sat there until the doctor came in and Brian reached for his mother once again.

When the doctor came back with the x-rays, they both saw something in the doctors eyes. Brian looked at his mother for a look in her eyes that tells him everything is going to be alright. But when Brian looked at his mother all he saw was the same look that was in the doctor's eyes.

"What's wrong?" Brian finally got out.

"The x-rays, I'm sorry Brian, they didn't come back the way we hoped they would." the doctor said while putting the film onto the bright box. Brian looked at his mother, and she saw terror in his eyes. She held back the tears, wishing she could trade places with him.

"As you can see......"the doctor said trying to explain it to them.

Brian seemed to knock out the doctor's voice and look at his mother. The only thing Brian got from the analysis that the doctor was explaining is more pain and suffering, and Brian didn't want to hear that.

"You'll have to undergo some treatments and two other surgeries." the doctor said putting it into perspective. Brian, bewildered, terrified of what might be done to him; ran off. Jackie stayed in the room and asked the doctor two important questions.

"Is he going to be alright?" she asked hoping for a better answer.

"He'll be sick for awhile, need 24/hr care, but he will bouce back as he did before."the doctor said looking at Jackie's half smile.

"When will he tour again?"

The doctor looked down, as he said the complete opposite that Jackie wanted to hear. "As far as the singing goes, I'm all for it." he began,"the dancing and stress is out of the picture."

Jackie thanked the doctor for his honesty, as she walked out of the room she prepared herself for telling her son what he doesn't want to hear.

Chapter 2