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Chapter 9

Brian again awoke from his sleep this time because of the sound of a body hitting the floor. Brian quickly rose from his bunk ignoring the wave of dizziness that over came him. His curiosity got the best of him and he went to go investigate where the noise came from. As he searched the back of the bus where the bunk area was, a sudden outburst of laughter met his ears.

Letting his curiousity again get the best of him, Brian headed towards the front of the bus where the sight of Nick sprawled out on the floor while Kevin, A.J. and Howie all sitting on the couch laughing at Nick; greeted him. He couldn’t help but let out a small laugh surprising the other 4 guys.

“Hey Bri, you are up just in time to help me beat up these mean people for laughing at me.” greeted Nick. “Oh be quiet Nick. How you doing Rok? You feel any better?” asked A.J.

“Yeah guys I feel almost 100% better than I did earlier. By tonight I should be as good as new.” said Brian as he lied to his friends. He hated lying to them but he didn’t want them to worry about anything, especially him, they had enough to worry about without having him to worry about. “Now does anyone care to explain why young Nick is sprawled out on the floor?” asked Brian jokingly.

“OH man, Rok. You should have seen it, it was so priceless. Nick walked in here while the rest of us were sitting here on the couches and as he was rubbing his eyes, he wasn’t watching where he was going and got entangeled in his Nintendo wires. And that isn’t the best part man, he did a summersault and that expression, oh wow man, you missed it. It was hillarious.” explained A.J. excitedly as Kevin and Howie joined Brian in on the laughter as Nick sat on the floor looking at them with anger in his eyes.

“OH come on Nick you know they were picking on you, cheer up buddy. Are you alright from your fall?” asked Brian as he walked over to his friend to offer him a hand to help him to his feet.

“Yeah Bri I’m fine, the only thing that hurts is my pride” said Nick as he gratefully accepted Brian’s offer to help him up.

As Brian helped his friend to his feet, the bus stopped and Jay’s voice was heard saying, “We are here guys, you better get out and go to your rooms and rest some more.”

“Ok Jay, you aren’t supposed to be taking Kevin’s fatherly job away, now are you man? How many times have I told you not to do that?” asked A.J. as Jay let out a chuckle.

“A.J. man, with all the trouble you get in, you have to have more than one person look after you!” and with that said Jay quickly left the bus which was filled with laughter at Jay’s comment.

After a few moments filled with more laughter, Howie then said, “Maybe he is right guys, we should go up and rest. We have a big concert later tonight.” as he gathered up his bookbag and stepped outside to retrieve his suitcase from under the bus.

“Yeah guys come on” said Kevin as the remaining boys on the bus followed Howie’s example of gathering up their bookbags and retrieving their suitcases from under the bus. All five of the boys then checked into their rooms and within minutes were lying asleep in their warm hotel beds, not a worry on their minds.

Chapter 10