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Chapter 8

About 30 minutes later, Brian suddenly shook himself awake as the same pain that surged through his body in the cafeteria, again tore through his weak body. Before he could control himself, a weak cry of pain escaped his pale lips.

He quickly clasped his hands tightly over his mouth to muffle his cries of pain as yet another wave of pain struck him hard. He thought he faintly heard the sound of a body rising out of a bunk so he quickly closed his eyes to look like he was sleeping.

A few seconds later, Brian felt someone’s presence beside of him then felt a hand rest on his forehead for a few seconds. Brian then realized the hand resting on his forehead was Kevin’s.

He slowly opened his eyes revealing Kevin’s pair of emerald green eyes which were filled with concern looking down at him. He smiled faintly at his older cousin and trying to act like he was fine and that whatever was wrong with him had passed.

“How you feeling cuz?” asked Kevin as he grabbed his Jansport bookbag off of the floor in search for the asprin that he hoped would bring Brian’s fever down.

“I feel much better Kev. I think with a few more hours of rest, I should be just fine and ready to perfom” said Brian as he pasted his famous bright smile on his face hoping to convince Kevin that he was fine; even though he really wasn’t. “Man, if I pull off convincing Kevin that I’m ok though I’m really not, I should be nominiated for an Oscar!” thought Brian with a small chuckle.

Kevin then looked up from his bookbag with a small smile on his face “What was the chuckle for cuz?”

“Oh nothing Kev. I’m just happy that I’m feeling better than I was. Thanks for carrying me to the bus I know it must have been a pain.” said Brian as he again smiled at his cousin.

“Aha, I found them!!” exclaimed Kevin “No it was no problem Brian. Just glad to help. Now take these two aspirin and go back to sleep, hopefully they will bring down your fever soon. We still have about 30 minutes left before we arrive at the hotel, so get some rest, I will see you in about 30 minutes.” said Kevin as a large yawn escaped his mouth.

“Later cuz” said Brian as he again drifted off to sleep with his last thought being: I hope this pain goes away at least until the tour is over.

Chapter 9