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Chapter 6

“OK Nick we made a lot of improvements on your dancing today, I’m proud of you, man.” exclaimed Howie D.

“Thanks man. I appreciate it” said Nick as he smiled his famous Carter smile. “I think I’m gonna head down to the cafeteria to see if Rok is down there. I just seen A.J. walk by with one of the dancers and Kevin walked by with the managers so I guess their group has already let out for lunch. See you later, D.” Nick said as he walked out the door heading towards the cafeteria.

Nick finally made his way to the cafeteria after making a few wrong turns along the way. Nick quickly looked around for Brian as he grabbed a lunch of 2 slices of pizza, some fruit, and a bottle of water. Nick finally spotted the back of Brian’s blue University of Kentucky jacket and quickly made his way towards the table where his best friend sat with his head resting on the table.

“Hey Rok you ok man? You have barely touched your lunch and you got your fav, Mac and cheese. Is something up?” asked Nick.

Nick waited a few seconds for Brian’s reply and when he didn’t receive one, he quickly made his way over to his friend and start shaking him. “Nick, what do you want?” asked Brian weakly. “I’m worried about you man, what is wrong?” asked Nick who received the reply of “Nothing”. Nick was starting to get frustrated at Brian not telling him what was wrong so he said, “Brian, if nothing is wrong why won’t you look at me instead of burying your face in your arms? Why else would I suspect something is wrong? I come in here to find you with your head lying on the table and your lunch untouched. I’m just worried about you man, please look at me and tell me if something is wrong. I want to help you”

Brian slowly started lifting his head to look at his friend. Nick let out a gasp of surprise as he looked at Brian’s pale face and into the gray eyes which were usually a bright, sparkling blue. Nick made his way over to his best friend again, and lifted his hand cautiously to Brian’s forehead. Brian sighed as he felt Nick’s cold hand touch his warm forehead. As Nick withdrew his hand from Brian’s warm head, Brian’s head again found its way to his arms which were lying on the table.

Nick then said “Bri, you stay here, I’m going to go get Kev. Don’t move or I will seriously beat you up, bro.” as he quickly rose to his feet again and he broke into a run as soon as he exited the cafeteria, looking for Kevin.

Chapter 7