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Chapter 58

Moments later Dr. Adele entered the room with a smile on his face followed by Nick’s earlier nurse, Megan. “Hello Nick.” Megan said “I need to take you back to your room now, you need to rest.” Nick was too tired to argue but gave his nurse a pout, hoping it would change her mind. Obviously it didn’t when she came up behind him and began to wheel him out of the room. AJ and Howie heard Nick starting to protest, but was cut off when Megan told him that Brian needed his rest also and that the more he rested the higher his chances for recovery would be. AJ and Howie smiled knowingly as Nick quickly shut up and let Megan wheel him towards his room. AJ blushed as his stomach let out a loud growl and he looked around hoping no one had noticed but he found Dr. Adele and Howie laughing at him as quietly as they could.

“You guys can go to the cafeteria, Brian looks like he will be ok.” Dr. Adele said. Howie and AJ nodded as both their stomachs growled, signaling that they both were hungry.

“Ok” Howie said “But will you page us if anything changes in his condition?”

“Of course”

“Thank you.” both Howie and AJ said as they walked out the door, taking one last glance at their friend who the doctor was examining.

“Come on let’s go get some food.” Howie said once they was outside the room as his stomach growled yet again with more intensity.

AJ nodded, he couldn’t agree with that statement more.


Kevin and his family quickly approached the waiting room, all expecting to see at least Howie and AJ inside, but were surprised when the room was empty. As the family sat down, Kevin walked to the nurse’s station and asked if they could go visit Brian. He smiled and thanked her after she told him that his friends had just left Brian’s room and that three people were allowed to visit him at a time. Moments later he and Brian’s parents walked down the hall and towards Brian’s room, curious and worried when they heard constant coughing coming from inside. They all looked at each other with puzzled looks and lightly tapped on the door and entered. The sight before them made them all smile; Brian was awake and had the breathing tube out of his throat. It truly was a miracle.

Chapter 59