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Chapter 57

Nick almost felt faint as he was pushed into the room. He figured it was nervousness and fear and probably his shoulder injury taking its toll on him, but Nick quickly pushed the feeling aside and looked at the figure who was in the bed. He didnít really look any different from the last time Nick had seen him and he began to wonder if maybe the doctor was crazy and thoughtBrian was awake when he really wasnít. He sighed and looked down sadly as Howie pushed him to the side of the bed as he and AJ took seats on either side of Brianís bed.

ďHey Buddy, we are here for youĒ Howie started to say. ďDr. Adele said you are out of your coma, that is great news to hear.Ē

Nick looked down at his best friendís face, hoping for a reaction to Howieís words but when he seen none, he rested his head on his non-injured arm, fatigue slowly starting to take its affect on him. His head shot up as fast as a bullet from a gun when he heard both Howie and AJ gasp out loud. Nick almost felt like screaming out in joy when he found himself looking into Brianís eyes; eyes that he hadnít seen open for several days. As he looked closely at his friend, he could tell he was doing a little better since the transplant. A little color had returned to Brianís face but Nick didnít know if this was from the transplant or from the fever that still raged through his friends body, but his eyes were a little brighter than they were earlier. The room was strangely quiet, besides the hiss of the ventilator and the beep of the heart monitor. If you listened closely you could still hear the slight rattling sound in Brianís lungs as he breathed. Nick shook his head sadly, he had hoped that by the time Brian woke up, the pneumonia would be out of his system, but no such luck. Since his body was so weak from his heart problems, he had trouble fighting off the pneumonia, which added extra stress to his heart and body. Nick hoped that now since he had a new heart, his body would get stronger and beat the horrible case of pneumonia, along with the help of more medicine given to him by the doctors.

Nick laid his hand gently by Brianís side and smiled down at his friend who was finally awake after several days of deep sleep. His eyes filled with tears of happiness as he felt Brianís hand take his own and squeeze it weakly. He noticed Brian making some gurgling and mumbling noises and realized that his friend was desperately trying to speak, but not succeeding because of the tube that was down his tube, the tube that had helped in keeping him alive all those days since the day he collapsed. Nick felt his heart break as he looked into Brianís pleading blue eyes, he knew his friend was thinking Please get this machine out of me, I have so much I want to ask about what has happened. Nick shook his head and quietly told his friend that if all went well the doctor might be taking the tube out of his throat later that day. Brian weakly nodded and began to drift off to sleep again. Moments later his grip on Nickís hand relaxed and Nick knew Brian had fallen asleep. He then looked up at his two friends with tears of joy in his eyes. Brian was back and Nick never planned on losing his best friend again.

Chapter 58