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Chapter 54

Harold sat back in his seat, holding securely onto his now sleeping wife’s hand. After telling her husband about the dream, Jackie fell back into a fitful and restless sleep as Harold sat wide awake hoping the plane would land soon. By the look he seen in his nephew’s eyes just seconds earlier, Harold could tell Kevin was questioning why his aunt was so shaken when she had woken up. Harold just shook his head, hoping his nephew understood the meaning behind it; that he would explain later. He sighed in relief when the pilot announced that they would be landing in approximately ten minutes. Even though the details of his wife’s dream restored hoped within Harold’s heart that his son would make it, he felt deep inside that the doctor’s prediction of his son’s death would come to reality, and in truth it scared him more than anyone could imagine. And he knew he had to be strong for everyone; especially for his wife and son even though he felt like he was falling apart inside.


Nick sat in his wheelchair holding tightly onto his best friend’s hand, hoping that showing Brian that he was there for him would bring him out of the coma. He watched anxiously as Dr. Adele was checking Brian’s vital signs from the other side of Brian. His hope diminished as the doctor looked at one of the monitors by Brian’s bedside and he tightened his grip around the lifeless hand he held. “What’s wrong?” he heard himself ask in a scared voice he hardly recognized.

Dr. Adele didn’t answer and reached to Brian’s side and hit the button to call the nurse into the room. Seconds later a nurse entered the room and approached the doctor’s side wondering what she could do to help. “Please take Nick to the waiting room” was all the doctor said as he once again checked the machine by Brian’s bed.

Nick felt the panic within him rise as the nurse unlocked the brakes on his wheelchair and started to push him out of the room and down the hallway where his two other band mates were. He wanted to scream out and asked what was happening but he found he was too scared to get his voice to work. A minute later, the nurse entered the waiting room and pushed Nick’s wheelchair over to where Howie and AJ were siting. They both noticed the scared look on Nick’s face and asked the nurse what had happened and received a shrug in reply as she excused herself and quickly exited the room. The two sat down in defeat as they receive no answer that explained their questions from Nick and just sat back waiting impatiently for the doctor to tell them any news; whether it was good or bad.


Kevin placed the sunglasses over his eyes and stepped aside to allow his brother to exit the plane in front of him. He stayed behind and looked back at his aunt and uncle. He watched with a sad smile on his face as his uncle gave his aunt a hug and held her hand firmly as she bent down and got her purse and reached inside. Kevin immediately recognized what she got out of her bag. It was a single flower that came from one of the flower arrangements from the funeral that Jackie had picked before leaving the cemetary. Kevin gave his aunt and uncle a slight smile as the walked by, now it was time to go back to the hospital and they all hoped for good news.


Dr. Adele looked closely at the monitor that stood by Brian’s bed. By the brain waves that showed on the monitor, it looked like he possibly may be coming out of the coma and all Dr. Adele could do is wait.

As he sat and watched Brian for any signs of waking up, the doctor began to think about what all had happened since the tragedy days ago. He knew that if he was put in the same situation, it was a good chance he wouldn’t make it through. He admired the Littrell and Backstreet family for their strong courage and hopeful attitudes. When life hit them with bad events, they all fought back and it was something to admire.

His attention was brought out of his thoughts as he heard a slight increase in the beat of the heart monitor and he quickly looked towards his patients. He gasped; Brian was finally awake.

Chapter 55