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Chapter 5

Brian quickly made his way towards the cafeteria where lunch was being served. As he was approaching the cafeteria, a wave of nausea hit him full force almost dropping him to his knees.

After a few seconds Brian finally gained his composure and continued heading towards the cafeteria “Wow, I wish I wouldn’t have skipped breakfast this morning. Maybe if I eat something I will fell better.” he tried to convince himself.

But as he was thinking that, he had a bad feeling at the pit of his stomach that skipping breakfast wasn’t the only reason he felt sick. He finally found his way into the cafeteria where the loud sounds of people talking and laughing made its way to his ears causing his head to hurt.

As he was walking towards the serving line, Brian quickly looked over the crowd looking for Nick or any of the other boys. After realizing that they weren’t there yet because they were probably still practicing, Brian grabbed a lunch consisting of a ham sandwich, a bowl of macaroni and cheese, and a bottle of water and found his way to a empty table to sit patiently and wait for his friends while he ate.

After eating a few bites of his sandwich, much to Brian’s horror, a sharp pain ripped through his chest and made its way to his stomach and then to his head. Brian bit down hard on his lip to keep from screaming out, with tears in his eyes.

As Brian tried to catch his breath from the suddent attack, another wave of pain ripped through his body. Since Brian didn’t want to make a scene, he quietly pushed his lunch away and laid his head down on his arms that rested on the table. Brian sat in that position as yet another wave of pain shot through his body almost causing him to cry out, but in response, Brian bit down on his lip harder feeling the blood dance on his tongue.

Finally when the wave of pain subsided, Brian realized that he was having cold chills and that the nausea and light headness he felt earlier hadn’t subsided. He lay there with his head resting on the table waiting for the guys to come find him.

Chapter 6