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Chapter 48

Backstreet Boy at Fault for Death of Band Mate’s Brother

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell’s older brother, Harold Baker Littrell III, 28, died late Tuesday night, victim to a car accident that claimed his life, while only slightly injuring Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, 20, who was the only passenger in the car.

Littrell was supposedly driving himself and Carter back to their hotel after a long visit at the hospital where Littrell’s brother Brian was staying at, after suffering a heart attack at a concert the week before.

Supposedly, Carter wanted to go get some sleep and begged Littrell to take him back to his hotel. Littrell was also tired at the time, so he agreed. While on a rural highway, just miles from the hotel, Littrell supposedly fell asleep at the wheel, causing the car to swerve and smash into a tree on the driver’s side. Littrell was conscious for awhile after the crash, but eventually died from severe internal injuries before rescue workers made it onto the scene.

Although no charges have yet been pressed by Littrell’s family, many believe Carter to be at fault for Littrell’s death. After all, it was Carter who wanted to be taken home and insisted that Littrell drive him, even though it must have been obvious that Littrell was exhausted. Also, in the minutes following the accident, reports say that Carter made no attempt to go for help, but instead just sat there until discovered by a truck driver who had been passing by, long after Littrell was already dead. In fact, even Carter himself has been heard stating that he, indeed, was at fault for the death of his supposed best friend’s older brother.

Actually, Carter seems to be rightly taking the blame for more recent events in the drama surrounding his friend and fellow Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell, 25.

As we last reported, Brian was hospitalized last week after suffering a heart attack on stage at a concert during the Backstreet Boys’ current tour. Brian was later told that he would need a heart transplant in order to live.

While most of Brian’s family and friends gathered around him in his time of suffering, Carter did not. Instead, Carter left his supposed best friend’s side and hitched a flight to Los Angeles, not even telling anyone where he was headed.

Carter’s sudden disappearance wreaked havoc with Brian and the other three members of the group, causing extreme emotional stress on them all, especially Brian, who considered Carter to be his best friend.

Carter returned to Brian’s side just days ago, supposedly apologizing for his recent actions. Obviously, however, his apology was not accepted. Shortly after Carter arrived in Brian’s hospital room, Brian became agitated and suffered another heart attack, placing him in a coma and making his already serious condition even more critical.

Some good has come out of this tragic tale of betrayal and loss, however. Brian Littrell underwent transplant surgery early this morning, his donor being his late brother, Harold. Supposedly, before passing on, Harold requested that his heart go to his younger brother once he had died. His request has now been fulfilled, and Brian has a new heart. But will he still carry the pain inside it that his best friend has caused, by betraying him and killing his brother? Only time will tell.

“Oh, my God,” Jackie gasped, after reading the article. She looked up in shock at the three men who stood before her, hot tears stinging her eyes. “Please don’t tell me Nicky saw this,” she whispered, her motherly instinct immediately wanting to protect Nick from reading such a horrible thing.

Kevin nodded gravely. “He saw it alright,” he said. “And he hyperventilated and nearly passed out in the gift shop.”

Jackie’s heart ached for poor Nick. “Where is he?” she asked. “I need to go talk to him.”

“Some nurses came and took him back to his room to lie down,” AJ replied.

“Okay,” Jackie said. “I’ll go down there now.”

“Hey, how’s Bri doing?” Kevin asked suddenly. “He awake yet?”

Jackie sighed and glanced back at her husband. “That’s a long story, hun,” she said softly to her nephew. “Ask your uncle.”

With that, she hurried out of the room, not wanting to lose her composure in front of the guys.

Chapter 49