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Chapter 43

Kevin solemnly pushed Nick’s wheelchair and IV pole down the hallway in the opposite direction of the waiting room; silently hoping Nick wouldn’t notice the change in direction.

“Kev? What are you doing? The waiting room is that way!!” Nick exclaimed and pointed over his uninjured shoulder towards the waiting room where everyone else was headed, minus Nick and Kevin.

“I’m taking you back to your room. You need your rest Nick.” Kevin softly explained, mentally preparing himself for the verbal attack he knew would come from Nick momentarily.

“Are you crazy Kevin?” Nick hissed. “You had better take me to that waiting room NOW!!”

“Nick you know it will take several hours for Brian to get out of surgery. Why don’t you get some rest and I will wake you up as soon as I hear some news on him, ok?”



NO Kevin” Nick screamed, suddenly causing Kevin to stop in his tracks and glance over his shoulder to see if anyone else had heard Nick’s outburst. He sighed in relief when he caught the glances of his brother and aunt and uncle. They translated his expression and briskly walked over.

“It’s all my fault, all my fault” Nick started chanting without notice and burst into tears as he rocked back and forth in the wheelchair.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” Tim asked as he gently pushed Kevin aside and knelt down in front of Nick’s shaking body.

“My fault, my fault”

“What’s your fault Nick?”

“My fault”

“Nick, what is your fault? I don’t understand.”

Nick slowly raised his eyes and looked at Kevin’s older brother with a sad expression on his tear stained face. “Everything” Nick whispered sadly.

Tim looked up at the expectant and sympathetic faces of his three family members, silently asking for guidance in this situation with his pleading eyes. Finally after a few moments he saw his aunt and uncle look at each other and nod. He then slowly rose to his feet when his uncle motioned towards the waiting room and then pointed to Nick.

“You wanna come with us to the waiting room to wait for news on Bri?” Tim asked as he placed his hands on the handlebars of the wheelchair and motioned for Kevin to come over and help him push Nick’s IV towards the waiting room if Nick agreed to come with them.

“You still with us Nick, honey?” Jackie asked after several moments of silence.

Nick visibly stiffened when he finally realized that Brian and Harold’s mother was there. “Why doesn’t she hate me like I hate myself? How can she even stand the sight of me or be around me? I killed her firstborn son and will probably be the reason Brian may die. Why?” Nick silently questioned himself. When he realized he had been asked a question he nodded. “Yes I’m still here.” He whispered.

Kevin and Tim who were the only ones that heard Nick’s soft-spoken answer looked at each other and shrugged.

“You want to go to the waiting room Nick?” Tim again repeated his previous question.

Nick nodded and waiting patiently for someone to turn his wheelchair in the right direction and take him to the waiting room where all he could do was sit and pray for the best.

Chapter 44