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Chapter 41

Nick stared dead ahead as he was wheeled by Kevin through the halls of the hospital going towards the only destination he was determined to come to.

"Can't we go any faster?!" Nick exclaimed as he impatiently looked around the halls oblivious to everything going on around him.

"We are going as getting you there as fast as we can, honey." explained Megan. "You have to remember you are hooked to an IV and we have to take extra care in transporting you from area to area."

"OK" Nick grumbled. "But please hurry" his voice became more gentle as he softly pleaded with the nurse and his friends "I have to see Brian before they take him into surgery."

"We are almost there Nick don't worry. I don't think Aunt Jackie or Uncle Harold will allow them to go into surgery without you getting to see him beforehand. They know how much you mean to him." Kevin explained as he softly squeezed Nick's uninjured shoulder.

"He's right Nicky" AJ agreed as he seen doubt sneak into Nick's eyes. "They know how much you mean to him. You two are the crazy Frick and Frack duo. Within no time you to will be causing trouble again. Oh God save us!" AJ said with a small chuckle.

Nick smiled slightly for a moment and looked straight ahead pleased to see that they were now on the ICU floor. He silently counted the numbers on the door and he was wheeled by, the feeling of betrayal and emptiness setting hard on his heart.

Nick shut his eyes tightly as he felt the wheelchair he was in come to a stop. "You ready for this Nicky?" asked Kevin gently as he kneeled down in front of Nick to talk to him as Megan went into the room to make sure no doctors were inside.

"They hate me." Nick whispered with tears in his eyes.

"Why would they hate you Nicky? It was an accident and there is nothing you can do about it now. Now since Harry is Brian's donor, Brian will have a new chance at life and probably be healthier than ever before." Kevin explained quietly as he pushed a strand of Nick's hair back.

"I know Kev and I'm glad he is getting a new chance at life. I just hate it that Harry had to die to give him this chance. Can you imagine how Brian is going to react when he comes out of surgery and Harry isn't there and he asks where he is??. How can I tell my best friend I killed his brother?" Nick asked as he let the floodgate holding back his tears open.

Before Kevin and AJ could respond to Nick's words, the door opened and Megan stepped out quietly. His family is in there with Mr. Littrell, but Dr. Adele is going to allow you all to see him before they transport him to the ER. You guys can go on in when you are ready." Megan informed the young men in front of her.

"You ready to go in Nicky?" Kevin asked as he gently wiped away all the traces he could of Nick's tears from his flushed cheeks.

"As ready as I will ever be, Kev" Nick whispered as he looked down at his feet. Out of the corner of his eye he seen Kevin stand up and he heard the door open. He took in a deep breath and gripped the arms of the wheelchair as Kevin pushed the door open with his foot. "Here goes nothing" Nick mumbled to himself as Kevin pushed him into the room which he feared the most.

Chapter 42