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Chapter 36

Nick opened his eyes slowly. The first thing he felt was pain. It shot through him like fire. Most of the pain was concentrated in his right shoulder. It hurt to even move it a little. Other than that, Nick seemed to be okay. He glanced down at himself and saw that nothing appeared to be bleeding. Then he turned his head to look at Harry. He gasped when he saw Harry slumped down in his seat, his eyes closed, blood running down the side of his face.

"Harry?" he whispered. He reached out his shaky left hand and gently touched Harry's shoulder. "Harry?" he asked again, panic rising in his voice. To his relief, Harry's eyes fluttered open.

"Are you ok, Nick?" he asked weakly, his voice so soft, Nick could barely understand him.

Nick nodded. "I think so," he replied. "My shoulder hurts though. What about you? Are you in pain?"

"No, no pain," Harry said quietly, although Nick could tell otherwise from the expression on his face.

"We need to get help," Nick said suddenly. He carefully unbuckled his seatbelt and eased it over his hurt shoulder. Then he tried to open the car door, but it was jammed shut. Nick pushed hard, but he couldn't find the strength to make the door budge. It was dark in the car, so Nick reached up to turn the light above their heads on. It lit up the car, so Nick could see a little better. He peered out through the nearly shattered windshield and saw that they were smashed up against a tree. Nick could tell it had hit on Harry's side.

When he looked back at Harry, he sensed right away that Harry was injured badly. He was breathing hard and had broken out in a sweat, even though the night air made the car quite cool. Nick knew he was in pain. They needed help badly, but Nick couldn't even get out of the car, let alone go for help.

"Just hold on, Harry. Some help will come any minute, and we'll be fine," he said, trying to reassure himself just as much as he was Harry.

Harry closed his eyes and opened them again. "Nicky, I probably won't even last that long," he said. Nick hoped he was being sarcastic, but he could tell by the tone of Harry's voice that he wasn't joking. This was serious, and Harry knew it.

"Don't say that, Harry!" Nick said sharply. "We have to think positive. Someone has to come along soon and help us." But as Nick surveyed the scene around him, he wasn't so sure. The road they were on was a back road, and it was pretty much deserted. It could be awhile before someone passed by, and in the darkness of night, they would be harder to spot.

"Nick, I just have a feeling about this. I know I'm hurt pretty bad, and there's some things I need to tell you before I pass on," Harry said solemnly.

Nick's eyes welled up with tears. "Harry, please," he choked. Harry's own eyes grew teary. "Come on, Carter, don't cry," he said, through his own tears. "Listen, I have to tell you something, and I need you to listen carefully, ok?" Nick nodded wordlessly.

"Listen, Nick, I'm not afraid to die. I know I'll be going to Heaven, and that's a wonderful place. I'm more worried about Brian. He's my baby brother, and I love him with all my heart. He has so much to live for, and he can't die now. He has so many fans, and he has all you guys, who care about him so much. And of course there's Leigh too. He's supposed to marry her. What would she do without him?" The tears began to spill down Nick's cheeks, but he said nothing. "Nick, I want something good to come out of this," Harry continued. "Please, I'm begging you, if I die, whenever you get to the hospital, please tell them that I want my heart to go to Brian." Nick gasped out loud. "We're compatible, I know it," Harold said. "We're brothers, and we're about the same size. It would work, I know it would."

"But Harry-" Nick started to say, but Harry stopped him.

"Nick, that's what I want. I know it won't be long now. I had a good life, and this is what fate had in store for me. My turn's almost over, but now it's Brian's turn to live. With my heart, he'll live on, and so will I, as a part of him."

Nick wanted to tell Harry that what he had said was the most beautiful and brave thing he had ever heard anyone say. But he was sobbing too hard to even form words. He slowly leaned over and wrapped his arms gently around his best friend's older brother.

He felt Harry's arms slowly come around his body. He could feel Harry's whole body shaking.

"Nick?" Harry said, his voice now very weak.

"Yeah?" Nick asked, his voice wavering.

"One more thing. Tell everyone that I love them, ok?" Harry asked, nearly gasping for breath, his voice shaky.

"Ok," Nick choked out, more tears dripping down his face. He clung to Harry for dear life, praying that everything would turn out all right.

Suddenly, Harry took one last shaky breath, and then his entire body went limp in Nick's arms. Nick began to sob out loud, his whole body trembling. He slowly lifted Harry off of him and lay him back against the front seat. Harry's eyes were closed, and a peaceful expression shown on his face. Nick knew that while his body still lay in that car, his spirit had gone to Heaven, where it belonged.

Chapter 37