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Chapter 35

“Hey Harry, you ok?” asked Nick as he watched Harry who kept yawning every few seconds.

“Yeah I’m fine” Harry replied as he changed lanes to pass the slow moving tractor-trailer in front of them. “If you want me to, I can drive. It isn’t safe to drive at night if you are so tired, ya know?” Nick suggested.

“No Nicky. We are only about 10 minutes away from the hotel anyways, so it is no big deal.” Harry said.

“Ok then” replied Nick.

The next few moments were mostly filled with silence except for the yawning and the occasional stomach growling sounds that came from the two young men. Nick laid his head back on the headrest and closed his eyes for a few moments. When he felt the car swerve sharply to the left, he quickly opened his eyes and his mouth fell open "Harry look out!!!" Then blackness consumed him and he knew no more.

Chapter 36