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Chapter 31

Nick took his time driving back to his family's house. He knew he had to tell them what happened but in his mind he was rehearsing through what he would say, over and over. He let out a sigh as he parked the car in the driveway and mumbled a "This is it" as he made his way to the front door, reaching into his pocket for a house key and cursing himself for not asking his parents for a key so he could let himself in the house.

He knocked on the wooden front door and waited patiently for someone to answer it and let him in. After about a minute the door opened and Nick's 18 year old sister, BJ stuck her head outside.

"Why welcome back Nickolas, so nice of you to come back. Please come in." said BJ sarcastically as she opened the door and grinned as Nick smiled at her and rolled his eyes.

The expression on BJ's face changed back to serious and she lead her brother to the couch and sat down beside of him. "Nick what happened between you and the guys? What are you doing back so early? I don't mean that I don't want you home I just mean you are back 3 months early from tour, um you know what I mean?" said BJ as she nervously confronted her brother.

Nick nodded and turned around to face his sister. "Yeah I know what you mean BJ. I'm surprised you didn't hear about it on the radio yet." said Nick as he lowered his head when he heard his sister gasp.

"You guys didn't quit the group did you?" asked BJ as she put a finger under Nick's chin and lifted his head.

Nick shook his head but quietly said, "No, but we might have to now." BJ looked at her brother in sympathy as she sat on the couch and embraced him.

"I'm always here for ya, Nicky. You can tell me." Nick nodded and took in a deep breath as he started telling his sister what had caused him to come home from tour so early.

Brian quickly released Kevin's hand and gently pushed it away. "Could you all please leave me alone for a few minutes? I need some time alone." requested Brian in a choked up and weak voice.

Everyone slowly nodded their heads and reluctantly left the room, respecting Brian's wishes. As Dr. Adele was about to step out the door to follow Brian's family and friends outside, he spun around when he heard Brian weakly call out to him.

He walked over to Brian's bedside and watched Brian take in a deep shakey breath before asking, "Dr. Adele can you please tell me what is wrong with me?" Dr. Adele looked into Brian's desperate blue eyes and simply nodded his head "yes" as he sat down in the chair closest to Brian's bed. He spent the next 20 minutes telling Brian everything that he heard had happened from the moment he collapsed on stage to the moment Brian was put in his care.

When he was done he looked expectantly at Brian who looked at him and whispered, "Thank you" and as he gave the doctor a small smile as he lowered his head.

"What are you thanking me for Brian?" asked Dr. Adele.

Brian looked up again at the doctor and said, "For being honest with me about everything."

Dr. Adele smiled and patted Brian gently on the shoulder, "You're very welcome, Brian". There was then a soft knocking at the door and the same nurse as before stuck her head inside.

"Dr. Adele, another patient needs to speak with you." she stated softly as she smiled at Brian.

Dr. Adele rose out of his chair and turned back to Brian "I will see you later Brian. Don't hesitate to call a nurse if you need anything." Brian nodded as the doctor turned around and left the room closing the door behind him. Brian turned his head away from the door and lifted his head up slowly and grabbed the pillow from beneath him. He then put the pillow over his head and wept for what he had now lost and had the chance of losing.

Chapter 32