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Chapter 27

The loud ringing of a cell phone woke Howie from his sleep. He slowly raised his head from the hard hospital bed and looked around as he rubbed his eyes. After a few seconds of looking around and hearing the phone ring again, Howie located the phone on the table and ran over to it trying to be as quiet as possible since Kevin and A.J. appeared to still be asleep.

He answered the phone and listened quietly as Harold explained to him that their plane was landing at the local airport in 20 minutes after their 2 hour flight, and that they would rent a car to drive to the hospital. Howie then asked him if he was able to convince Kevinís mother to come and he was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was also able to get both of Kevinís brothers, Tim and Jerald to come along with their mother.

Howie smiled softly as he heard this, he knew Kevin would love to see his family but he wished it would be under better circumstances. After Harold told him to expect to see them within the next 30 to 45 minutes, Howie hung up the phone and let out a loud sigh and looked again towards the hospital bed where his friends were. He sat down in the hard brown chair that he had occupied only moments before and let himself slip out of reality and slip into a world filled with thoughts. His mind wandered back to when the BSB had first formed to what had happened and asked himself why this could have happened and what he could have done to prevent it. He was shaken from his thoughts as someone put a hand on his shoulder. He jumped in surprise and looked up and found himself looking into Kevinís face.

He was shocked momentarily by Kevinís appearance, his eyes were a dull green and his face was pale and drawn. Howie quickly rose and pulled his older friend into a much needed hug. Kevin hung on to his friend for dear life and let out all his dammed up frustration and worry as his tears fell from his eyes.

The moment was interupted by a soft knocking on the door. The door opened slowly and Harold and his parents entered the room with Ann and her oldest sons right behind them. Kevin looked up at Howie with a mixture of confusion and relief in his eyes and he then fell into his motherís waiting arms. Ann comforted her youngest son as his older brothers looked on.

A.J. who had been woken up when the families entered, made his way over towards Howie and they both walked towards the doorway to give the Littrellís and Richardsonís more room to move around. They talked quietly amongst themselves as they watched Brianís parents and brother pray for his recovery and Kevinís family trying to calm Kevin down.

A.J. and Howieís conversation was interupted by a muffled moaning sound that came from the direction of the hospital bed. They quickly made their way over to the bed and peered anxiously at the figure lying in the bed; waiting and praying for something to happen. Brian again let out another moan of pain as he tried to force his eyelids open. After a few more tries, Brian finally succeeded and was greeted by the faces of 9 concerned people. He looked up at them with a look of pure confusion etched in his eyes. Harold quickly reached across his younger brotherís body and pressed the button to call a nurse.

Within seconds, a middle aged nurse rushed into the room and when she seen Brian was awake, she ushered everyone out into the hallway and asked them to please go into the waiting room. When she made sure Brian would be alright for a few moments alone, she stepped out of the room and quickly found Dr. Adele. She explained the situation to him and he quickly made his way to Brianís room and stopping in the waiting room to quickly explain to Brianís family and bandmates that he was going to attempt to take Brianís breathing tubes out and see if he can breath on his own and if that is unsucessful they will keep the tube in him. As the doctor walked toward Brianís room, Brianís family and closest friends joined hands and together prayed for his recovery.

Chapter 28