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Chapter 21

“Doctor?” asked Howie again after he waited a few moments for the doctor in front of him to speak.

“Um, yes I’m sorry Mr. Dorough. As I was saying earlier, Mr. Littrell needs a heart transplant. This is the only option that we feel will save him. The bad thing is that it could take weeks, months, even years for a new heart to become available, and I’m afraid Mr. Littrell may not have many months and definately not years to wait.”

The young men in front of him looked up at him with a mix of pain and sorrow gracing their features.

“How long does he have left, sir?” asked Kevin. This was the question everyone wanted to know the answer to and they were gratefull someone asked it.

The doctor cleared his throat and looked the boys right in their eyes. “I would probably say 2 to 3 months tops. I’m really sorry gentlemen, wish I could offer you better news.” The doctor then turned to leave.

“Sir, wait. When can we go see him?” called out A.J.

The doctor stopped and turned around as he said, “Right now if you wish. Usually we only allow a maximum of two people to visit an intensive care patient, but I will allow all four of you gentlemen in his room at a time. His room number is 220 and if you gentlemen have any questions, please feel free to have a nurse page me. Visiting hours are over at 12:30. Goodbye gentlemen.”

The soft click of the door shutting seemed to be a signal for the boys to break down. They never thought this situation could get this bad. Their friend, their brother, their fellow bandmate is probably going to die. Each one mentally kicked themselves thinking, “If only I had done more, this may have never happened.”

Chapter 22