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Chapter 2

The next morning, Brian felt someone shaking his shoulder and heard a distant voice telling him to wake up. As he slipped back into consciousness, he realized that the voice belonged to Nick. Brian let out a loud yawn as he rubbed his eyes, telling his friend that he was awake and for him to go away so he could get ready. As Brian got up from his bunk, he realized that he felt exhausted even though he had slept about 8 hours the night before even though he woke up many times during the night.

As he got dressed and ready to arrive at the venue, Brian’s mind drifted to the thoughts which woke him up so many times the night before: the thought that something bad was going to happen. Brian just shook his head to get rid of that thought and pasted a bright grin on his face heading towards the couches where the rest of his band mates were sitting.

“Good morning guys” Brian said cheerfully even thought he felt less than cheerful that morning.

A chorus of “Hey” “Mornin’ Rok” and “Good morning”'s greeted his ears as he sat between his cousin and his best friend on the couch. As he turned to look at the rest of his band mates sitting on the other couch, he realized that his cousin, Kevin was giving him a weird look.

“Something wrong Kev? Did I drool all over myself in my sleep or somethin’?” laughed Brian as the others members joined in.

“No Bri, it isn’t that. Are you feeling alright man? You look awful pale for some reason.”

“Kev, man, I feel just fine. Just quit worrying about me. You don’t need to worry about me cuz, I'm just fine.” Brian said as he gave his older cousin his famous grin. As their busdriver, Jay, announced that they had arrived at their destination, Kevin couldn’t help but think that something was wrong with his cousin and he didn’t like that feeling.

Chapter 3