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Chapter 17

Nick grabbed Brian’s cold hand as Brian was put on a stretcher and wheeled to the waiting ambulance. He then whispered in Brian’s ear, “I knew you could do it, Frick. Thank you for coming back to us. You can win this battle, buddy. We are all here for you. We love you, man”

“Excuse me sir. We are now going to take your friend to the hospital downtown. Please meet us there.”

Nick looked at the ambulance as it pulled away with saddness deep in his heart. He had just seen his best friend die while lying on the floor of the stage and being brought back. Nick then looked up at the sky, silently thanking God for the miracle that brought Brian back to him.

“Wow this has been quiet an exciting day.” thought Nick sarcastically. “First Brian and now Kevin...oh my gosh I forgot about Kevin, I need to check on him.” thought Nick as he quickly rushed back towards the stage area. The sight of Kevin slowly regaining consciousness greeted Nick as he walked on stage. “How is Bri?” asked Howie while he looked down at Kevin as he opened his eyes.

“I don’t really know man. They are taking him to the hospital downtown and they told us to meet them there. I’m so glad he came back to us.” Kevin quickly looked up at Nick with tears in his eyes. “Bri isn’t dead?” he asked in a soft whisper.

Nick put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder and looked him right in the eye. “No man he decided to come back to us. They are taking him to the hospital now.”

Kevin’s only response to this statement was a sob as tears of relief fell at a quick pace down his cheeks. Nick, Howie, and A.J. quickly pulled Kevin into a large brotherly hug to let him know they was there to support him. They knew that if they didn’t have each other, they probably wouldn’t make it out of this ordeal alive.

Chapter 18