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Chapter 16

The other four paramedics who were still working on Brian sat there in sadness. They had tried all they could to save the man who was way too young to die, but they were unsuccesful and they felt terrible. “Time of death...”

“NO!!” screamed Nick who had struggled to his feet and ran over to Brian’s body “You can’t give up on him. There is still hope. Please you have to keep trying! He is my best friend. Please!! So many times it has been predicted that he would die, but he has proved the doctors wrong every time, just please keep trying.” T

he paramedics looked sadly at Nick and nodded their heads. They again began CPR and used the defibrillator machine. Suddenly the paramedic who was checking Brian’s pulse and his breathing, stopped and looked up in shock.

“What is it?” asked the others.

“I found a pulse but he is barely breathing. The pulse is extremely weak but it is there. Let’s get him into the ambulance and take him to the hospital now. We can’t chance wasting any time, he may go into cardiac arrest again with his heart as weak as it is. Please he is having difficulty breathing on his own. Let’s get a move on.”

Chapter 17