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Chapter 15

Kevin looked over to where the paramedics were trying to revive Brian and his eyes opened wide in fear as he caught the words “Shock him now! CPR was unsuccessful”.

He took in a sharp breath when he saw one of the paramedics bring out the defibrillator machine to shock Brian’s stopped heart into beating again. He felt his eyes tear up as he saw them shock Brian’s chest and the result being no movement of Brian’s chest. They tried again but received the same results.

Kevin felt like he couldn’t breath when one of the paramedics said,”I don’t think there is anything we can do to save him now, he is too far gone. He has been without oxygen for almost 8 minutes.”

The paramedic was interupted by a mournful sound that came from Kevin who was screaming, “God no I’m so sorry Brian. I’m so sorry this happened to you, it is all my fault. Why him? and why not me? why? My baby cousin is dead! Oh God!!” Kevin then collapsed on the floor and his breathing rate increased rapidly to where he was gasping for air.

Howie noticed this and called one of the paramedics over. The paramedic immediately rushed over to Kevin and observed that he had the signs of Hypervenilation due to emotional distress. He then tried to talk to Kevin and try to get him to calm down, but Kevin gave into the darkness that surrounded him instead.

Chapter 16