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Chapter 14

Author’s Note: I know nothing about how things run in an emergency room or anything but I will try to make it is accurate as possible :-) )

As Nick’s baby blue eyes took in the image of Brian’s eyes rolling back into his head and his chest not rising, Nick let out a loud scream of grief coming from deep within his soul.

The audience which was being led out by the police, stopped in their tracks and allowed all of the sorrow and worry that was being held within them to come to the surface. The auditorium was then filled with the sounds of crying and chants of “Please be ok”.

The scream which came from Nick shook Kevin out of his trance-like state and he snapped into action. Kevin hesitantly let go of his motionless cousin’s hand and tilted Brian’s head and lifted his chin to establish an airway as the rest of members of the Backstreet Boys looked on. Kevin got down close to Brian to listen for breathing and when he heard no sound, Kevin positioned his hands for CPR and gave Brian 15 chest compressions hoping that by doing CPR, he was supplying enough oxygen to Brian’s brain so he wouldn’t have brain damage if he woke up.

After the 15 chest compressions, Kevin gave Brian two slow breaths and listened again for any sign of breathing. Frustrated the he heard no sound of Brian breathing Kevin screamed with a tear filled voice, “Where the hell are they? My cousin is lying here not breathing and I can’t do anything about it. Oh god please have mercy on me if anything happens to him. This is all my fault.”

The rest of the guys looked at Kevin in shock trying to figure out what he meant by what he said. All of a sudden the rest of the guys heard Kevin’s body come into contact with the hard wooden floor of the stage. Howie and A.J. rushed towards Kevin to give him their support, leaving a sobbing and pale Nick behind. As they were making their way towards Kevin’s sobbing body, a group of five paramedics made their way to the stage, quickly taking action upon seeing Brian lying on the floor, his skin turning a pale blue.

As the paramedics worked frantically on Brian, Nick crawled closer to Brian’s body so he could hear the paramedics speak of Brian’s condition.

“Guys, we need to get this guy breathing. One of their band members said his heart stopped about 10 minutes ago but his cousin started CPR with no success. It is a good chance he now has brain damage because of the lack of oxygen, but we need to try and save him.” said one of the paramedics as the rest of his crew agreed and again started CPR on Brian.

“OH my gosh, brain damage. That means when Brian wakes him, he may not be the same Brian we all know and love. If anyone up there is listening, please help Brian, his friendship means everything to me and if anything happened to him, I would never be the same.” whispered Nick as a fresh batch of hot tears rolled down his face.

The scream of “SHOCK HIM NOW!! CPR WAS UNSUCCESSFUL. WE NEED TO SAVE THIS KID!!!” came to Nick’s ears as something that he wished he would never see, happened.

Chapter 15