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Chapter 12

The boys finally made it to the venue about 2 hours before the concert was scheduled to begin and did a quick sound check to make sure that everything would sound alright during the concert. Brian was pleasantly surprised when the pain that brought him down to his knees, hadn’t come back.

“Maybe there was nothing wrong.” thought Brian happily as he changed into his outfit for the opening song. He was suddenly brought out of his thoughts as his cousin stood in front of him again resting his hand on Brian’s forehead to feel for a fever. A look of concern again made its presence in Kevin’s eyes as the warmth radiating off of Brian’s forehead greeted his hand.

“Brian, maybe you shouldn’t go on tonight, I’m sure the fans will understand. I’m sure they would rather have you not perform and get well again than go out on stage and get sicker.” Kevin told his cousin.

“Brian thought for a moment before replying “No, Kev I’m fine. Just don’t worry about it, I promise if I start feeling sick again on stage I will come backstage to rest. It is just a fever, no big deal. Now quit worrying about me man.”

And as if to set his cousin’s fear to rest, Brian wrapped his arms around his older cousin and pulled him into a hug.

“Ok, Brian just as long as you promise to get offstage as soon as you feel sick, I guess it is ok. Just don’t forget to keep that promise, I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you on stage.” said Kevin as Brian released him from the hug and started walking towards the door.

“Thanks man, and yes I promise. Now quit worrying, old man. I’m going to go find Nick and see if we can cause any trouble before we go on stage.” Brian said with a mischievious grin lighting up his still pale face.

As he watched Brian leave the room, Kevin couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen to his cousin. “No, it is just my imagination. He is as mischievious as usual. Nothing can be wrong.” thought Kevin as he walked out of the dressing room looking for his other bandmates. Later that night, he would finally realize how much he wanted that thought to be true.

Chapter 13