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Chapter 11

As Brian stood in the shower enjoying the warm water cascade down his back loosening his tight muscles, he could help but think about what had happened at the cafeteria that afternoon when he felt pain shoot through his body. “It was probably nothing, Brian. You have probably just been working your body too hard, it will go away soon.” Brian told himself.

As if in response to his thoughts, Brian again felt that familiar pain rip through his chest and spread to his head and stomach. All Brian could do to prevent himself from collapsing and having Nick and the rest of the guys barging in when they hear him fall to the floor, was bringing himself to his knees until this pain subsided.

Instead of the pain subsiding, the pain intensified and surged through his body three times more until finally leaving a weak and sobbing Brian in its path. Brian turned his eyes towards the heavens as tear after tear of pain fell from his once beautiful and sparkling blue eyes and whispered “What have I ever done to deserve this pain. Please make it go away, I will do anything.”

Brian was suddenly brought to reality by the sound of Nick pounding on the door saying “Bri, man, please hurry up you have been in there almost an hour. Are you alright?”

Brian then licked his dry lips and cleared his dry throat trying to sound strong, “Yeah man sorry I’m taking so long. I was relaxing. I will be out in a minute. And to answer your question, yes I am fine”

“OK man. Just making sure. I will leave you alone now.” said Nick as he walked away from the closed bathroom door and to his bed finding the remote and flipping through the channels.

Brian slowly and carefully exited the shower and dried off his body putting on some clean clothes and brushed his teeth and did his hair. As he exited the bathroom, he hoped that the pain he felt would never hit him again because he knew that if it did, he probably wouldn’t be able to handle it again.

Chapter 12