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Chapter 10

A loud pounding on the door woke Brian from his sleep. He looked over at Nick, who was his roommate, and saw that Nick made no attempt at all to get up and answer the door. With a sigh, Brian rose from his bed as the person on the other side of the door again started pounding on the door. “Yeah yeah hold your horses. I’m coming” Brian mumbled as he walked towards the door. He got to the door and found Kevin on the other side holding 2 bags of McDonald’s food.

“Hey man, A.J.’s mom stopped by McDonald’s on the way over here and thought that we would like to have some dinner. Here is yours and Nick’s. Don’t fall back to sleep because we have to leave for the venue again in two hours if we want to be there in time for the sound check.” said Kevin.

“OK cuz. Thanks for bring the food over. And before you ask again yes I’m feeling better.” said Brian with a small grin on his face.

“You know me all too well cuz.” chuckled Kevin. "See you in about two hours, man”

“Bye man” replied Brian as he quietly closed the door.

He then walked over to the bed where Nick laid fast asleep and screamed in Nick’s ear, “WAKE UP SLEEPYHEAD! WE HAVE TO GET READY TO GO TO THE VENUE SOON AND DENISE BROUGHT US SOME MCDONALD’S SO GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED!!”

“OK, Brian, OK man I’m up. Now I need to work on getting my hearing back.” complained Nick.

“Oh well just get over it” said Brian with a small grin. “While you are eating I’m going to take a shower. So don’t cause any trouble in here while I’m in the shower OK man?”

Nick looked up at Brian with a look of shock on his face “Me cause trouble? Never! I can’t believe you would think such a thing, Brian” said Nick as he struggled to keep a straight face but failed as soon as Brian chuckled and rolled his eyes as he headed for the bathroom.

Chapter 11