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Chapter 1

Brian woke up drenched in sweat. Yet again, the thought that something bad would happen jerked him awake from his peaceful sleep for the third time that night. The Backstreet Boys had just performed a concert that night and were catching some sleep on the tour bus while they were travelling to their next venue in another state. The sudden movement Brian made woke up his friend, Nick Carter who was in the bunk below him.

“Brian, man are you alright?” Nick asked as he opened the curtain to Brian’s bunk to find Brian sitting up in his bunk with sweat pouring down his face and his crystal blue eyes wide open with fear. “Brian what happened? You ok? You want to talk about it?” asked Nick, concerned about his friend.

After a few moments Brian finally found his voice and told Nick that he just had a bad dream and for him to go back to bed and get some rest. As Brian listened to his young friends peacefully breathing as sleep overtook him, Brian finally fell into a fitfull sleep.

Chapter 2